Bugak Palgakjeong // Octagonal Pavilion

01 09 14
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Address~ 267 Bugaksan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Snippets of August

30 08 14
Wanne be babyskin?
1. Cute mascots are mandatory in Korea. 2. A rabbit on the moon making ddeok ()

3. I started Korean language class. Now that MJ and I are married I can have free classes at a center. Our teacher is very passionate about teaching. We spend a lot of time on practicing the correct pronunciation and that has been so helpful. It's just a joy to be in her class ^__^ Back to school!

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Have a great weekend!

Korean Marriage program

21 08 14
This drawing  of a couple in traditional wedding attire was on the cover of our handbook
Because Min Jae and I are getting married for the church very soon we had to follow a preparation seminar. I figured it would be about the ceremony itself but it was surprisingly different.

A. They started off by talking about the differences between men and women, handing out plenty of advice. Basically it came down to saying that women are more emotional than men. They showed a few short movie clips that revealed the secret that what a women is saying often is the opposite of what she really means. This was brought in an entertaining joking kinda way but they were also serious about it. 

The differences were also illustrated in the handbook

B. There was this moment when we had to gaze into each others eyes for a good minute or two. So romantic and so weird when twenty couples are doing that all at the same time.

C. Then it was time to fill out little tests answering questions like "what is your partner's favourite colour?", "What country does he/she want to visit?". All basic things and then compare and grade each other. We both passed obviously.

We also had to take a personality test to check the positive and negative points in our character. It was quite fun actually. Apparently Min Jae and I share our positive traits but we have different negative ones. The outcome was that we are pretty compatible, we are technically already married so it would have been too late to change course otherwise  anyway.

D. Break-time: Kimbap + coffee

E. After the break we watched the documentary "Miracle of love" Okay, a bunch of colourful images of sperm swimming and egg growing. I felt like I was in the 5th grade again. It's still awkward watching two people kiss and rub each other jumping to an image of the conception happening.

After the movie we got some advice on how to conceive children. o__o that definitely felt like the 5th grade again. But we were also asked to write down how many children we each wanted and how we envision parenthood. And discuss our anwers with each other.


F. Another break: more snacks + more coffee (yes this class took all afternoon)

G. The last hour was a speech from a friendly priest who informed us that a marriage for the church is forever. And all the legal things surrounding this agreement. Okidoki.

In good old Korean fashion we got a certificate for our attendance (note: you get a lot of certificates in Korea) - we can totally get married for the church now!

For my married friends/ readers I have the question if you had to do something similar? Or is this a Korean thing? I'm not sure. In the end it was pretty fun because of the little quizes and tests but it was defininetly not what I expected. 

On the drawing table today

19 08 14

Our weekend // snippets

10 08 14
And a welcome downpour

Wedding card

05 08 14

Work in progress

Although technically we are already married and living together. And even before that I knew this relationship was some serious business. But now that I am designing our wedding card it really hits me. I'm going to walk down the aisle in two months. With shaking knees probably, not because of the commitment but because I'm nervous being "in the spotlight". I mean weddings kinda scare me. Just a little- I mean a lot. I mean no, it's gonne be great, but I'm kinda nervous.

If you have wedding card related advice, let me know.

Too hot outside, go to a museum

01 08 14

I visited the National museum again. This time taking a good look at the permanent collection, which-by the way- is totally free to visit! If you want to see what the outside of this beautiful museum looks like check out my post of the WKB welcoming dinner that was held there last month.

A view

30 07 14


21 07 14

1. Cicadas are very busy finding a partner (I love their noise). They leave their old coats everywhere. You can go outside and easily find these in any tree or shrub. Then prick them on your clothes and wear them as a fancy brooch. 2. Our neighbours have an adorable rabbit and they let it run around in the hallway. If we leave the door open it comes around for a visit. I'm a cat-person but how can I resist this puff of fluff? 

3. Elvis at Dongmyo. 4.&5. Luckily Korea has Toblerone, so far the only chocolate I found that tastes like chocolate. And -Hurray- Lotus speculaasjes are super-popular here as well! 6. And look at the choice of beer! A lot more expensive but I'm happy it's here.

Dongmyo shrine

16 07 14

This weekend while visiting Dongmyo flea market. I stumbled upon Donggwanwangmyo (meaning "Eastern Shrine") better known as Dongmyo shrine. It's an ancestral shrine that was build in 1601. And here were ancesteral sacrifices and ceremonies performed in honor of the Chinese commander Guan Yu 

I loved the plants creeping up between the stones, the faded wall paintings. The charm of an old building.  

Location: 238-1, Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul